January is rolling along and we have received some great responses to our first two challenges. As we organize the stories already submitted, we want to get you going on the week 3 challenge! 

This week we are turning the wildness up a notch and challenging you to pay for someone in line at your favorite coffee shop, eatery, tollbooth, supermarket, fast-food joint, or any number of places you have the opportunity to pay for the next person in line. It's not about the dollar value, but the value of your gesture. Life gives us a mountain of worries and negative things that cling to our thoughts day in and day out - why not give someone something positive to think about? Looking for ideas? Check out a few examples below.

As always, follow our instructions below, be safe, be kind, and have fun!

Good Inspires Good, 

Team Wildness


  1. Follow Project Wildness on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and watch for our weekly challenge post.
  2. Once we post our challenge for the week, you have 7 days to seek out a situation where you can fulfill the challenge. 
  3. Be sure to document the event. You can take notes, take a photo, or video the event. 
  4. Submit your story to Team Wildness by clicking the Submit Story button on our homepage or the Submit button in each challenge description. 
  5. After reviewing the weekly submissions, we will pick some to feature on our website. If your submission is picked, we will contact you via your provided email address for more information and potential photos or media of the event.