Our Mission

Good Inspires Good

Our Purpose

At Project Wildness we set out to have a positive impact on every person we meet - promoting our mission that Good Inspires Good. Through random acts of kindness Project Wildness supports the idea that one good deed can inspire an infinite number of good deeds rippling out across communities, states, and countries. 

We strive to make a difference everyday by having a positive impact on the world around us. When Nate and Shane set out to make a difference they saw the traditional nonprofit model and decided they wanted to create something more transparent - more personal. By requesting suggestions for each individual donation, they created a model that traces each donation from donor to recipient - creating a connection and lifelong story in the process. An automated "Thank You" email just doesn't cut it at Project Wildness. We want our donors to be part of our journey by following their donations through stories and social media. 

...to those who, not tired, not sick, just naturally take wing every summer in search of wildness.
— John Muir

Ultimately, the question on everyone's mind is, "Why Wildness?" The inspiration came from a John Muir quote paying homage...

Wildness (often confused for Wilderness) is typically associated with nature and wild animals. The word provokes thoughts of craziness or perhaps a heavily bearded man living alone in the woods talking to himself. Ultimately, the word Wildness can mean many different things to many different people, but John Muir describes Wildness as a necessity. It is not merely a word to describe something physical, but rather a state of mind. Wildness breathes new life into us - rejuvenating us to explore and push our boundaries.  It drives people to find creative new ways to improve the world and help their fellow human beings. 

Still curious about what we do at Project Wildness? Visit The Upbeat and read about our impact on the countless amazing people we meet on our journeys. Action speaks much louder than words and that is no different with Project Wildness.

The Team

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