Our first morning in San Francisco started perfectly with a trip down to the Golden Gate Bridge with Kian and Chloe. The weather was excellent and the park was packed but not crowded. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts and the morning was absolute happiness all around.

Walking through the park we noticed a young boy attempting to fly a kite with his mother. Each time he took off running to lift it off, it would nosedive into the ground. He was persistent though. He’d run back and forth, each time meeting the same result. Kian jumped in first to help him out. It was his first day off crutches but he limped along with the kid trying to get the kite in the air. Still, no success. Shane jumped in and did his best. In a few minutes, that boy had his kite off the ground and couldn’t have looked happier. His persistence impressed us.

Kian and Chloe guided us downtown to an incredible food truck where we bought burritos to bring to Dolores Park. We set up shop in the park enjoying the abundant sunshine and old friends. The day before Kian had suggested a few ideas for Project Wildness in San Francisco and in the park we found an opportunity. After spotting an ice cream cart wheeling around the park, we decided to reward some of the kids in the park on a hot day. Kian approached the ice cream man and explained our idea. We would buy out his cart and distribute free ice cream to any children who wanted some. Kian and Shane walked around the playground telling parents to bring their children over for free ice cream. 

That moment was one of the most special moments we’ve had along this trip. Kids flocked in and surrounded the cart walking away with their ice cream treat. Some held them in the air with smiles on their faces and showered Kian and Shane with thanks. There is no description for that feeling that comes with putting a smile on a child’s face. 

To Vicky Grondahl… You work with young kids every day. You remain patient and determined to send children away having grown. On this day, your generosity put a smile on the faces of so many deserving children in San Francisco -- a day they won’t soon forget.

To Dawn Herbst… You have supported this project from the get go. You gave with the desire to bring a smile to a child’s face, and we can assure you you did an excellent job at doing just that. Your positive attitude and giving nature has now spread to countless kids and parents in San Francisco. 

The impact we have on children now forms who they will become later. Show them what it means to do good.‪#‎ProjectWildness‬