The Challenge

-Week 2-

It's Week 2 of The Challenge and we are excited to hear some more stories of kindness! There is no ignoring the current social and political situations in our country revolving around the election and inauguration. Our country is heavily divided on many issues and social media has become the medium for which both sides voice their beliefs. The ability to communicate and debate topics has never been greater than it is right now, but with that comes differing views and some extreme negativity and hatred. This week's challenge is to compliment someone on social media (or in person!) and see where a conversation based on mutual respect and kindness can lead regardless of your beliefs. As always, share your stories with us via the instructions below!  

Be safe, have fun, and remember - Good Inspires Good!

Team Wildness


  1. Follow Project Wildness on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram and watch for our weekly challenge post.
  2. Once we post our challenge for the week, you have 7 days to seek out a situation where you can fulfill the challenge. 
  3. Be sure to document the event. You can take notes, take a photo, or video the event. 
  4. Submit your story to Team Wildness by clicking the Submit Story button on our homepage or the Submit button in each challenge description. 
  5. After reviewing the weekly submissions, we will pick some to feature on our website. If your submission is picked, we will contact you via your provided email address for more information and potential photos or media of the event. 

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