After driving through the Black Hills and visiting the memorial at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, we finally hit the Rockies. Shane looked up a brewery in Livingston called Katabatic Brewing. We swear it was only because we needed glasses to tap into the gift Aaron gave us at Junkyard Brewing back home. And well, maybe to try a Double IPA they had.

The place was beautiful with a perfect taproom atmosphere. Before long a couple of women approached us with the opportunity of a lifetime. We could buy tickets to a split-the-pot that supported Montana Conservation Voters, an organization that supports the preservation of Montana’s clean air and water, open spaces, wildlife, and public health. With a $5 donation with the request “give this back to nature” we decided we’d contribute that money and an additional $15 to the Montana Conservation Voters. With $20 of split-the-pot tickets and a couple of new friends, we crossed our fingers.

Fifteen minutes later… We were holding half the pot. And in the spirit of Project Wildness, we turned a $5 donation into a $135 donation given straight back to Montana Conservation Voters.

To Zach… You told me you didn’t have much to give, but you gave. You rose above any pride of self and gave to others what you could have kept for yourself. And in the end, you gave so much. Today, Montana Conservation Voters have $135 planted with your $5 seed.

Sometimes a little gives just as much as a lot. ‪#‎ProjectWildness‬