Last night we rolled into Deadwood, SD, and sat down for a beer at one of the many bars with built in casinos. We didn’t partake in the slots, but chatted with a sweet bartender named Janice. She shared with us that she usually works a couple of shifts a week but has recently picked up many more to fill the vacation spots of others. She told us she could retire but would get terribly bored only staying at home and also likes a little extra income so she can buy things for her two great-grandchildren. Janice lit up when she told us how much the two-year-old likes the movie Frozen and how she loves to load up her cart with Frozen items.

We regretted not being prepared, but this morning we searched her out. We found out Janice wouldn’t be working until 4pm and realized we couldn’t stay in Deadwood that long. After debating whether we should leave something for her or not, Shane made a great point. Our only hesitation was hung up on the fact that we wouldn’t be able to see or capture her reaction. We realized immediately that wasn’t entirely what this project is about. Sure, sharing that moment with someone would be thrilling for us, but receiving that envelope would be just as thrilling to her without us delivering it personally.

Eventually, we found Suzy, her boss. Legally she couldn’t give us Janice’s contact information but we were able to leave an envelope with a note and our contact information.

To Dave and Judy Brenna and Cheryl Wicker… You did something good today. Your work with kids over the years has touched countless lives. Today you can add a two-year-old from South Dakota and her great grandma, Janice.

Don’t let your own desires stop you from doing what’s right.‪#‎ProjectWildness‬