As instructed by some locals, we had breakfast at Pinky's Cafe in Livingston and decided this would be a great opportunity to buy breakfast for everyone in the cafe! We made a deal with everyone that we would cover breakfast if they took a picture with us and to no surprise they all accepted. We explained what Project Wildness was and we received some incredible support. One patron gave us $20 to cover our breakfast, which we left as a tip to our amazing server, Vanessa. Another couple gave us some pointers on the best route through beautiful northwest Montana.

Dan and Diane Lester - we used your donation to help cover the bill because you bought us breakfast the day we left and we wanted to pay that good deed forward.

Amber and Jennings Ott - We used your donation because the friendliness of the people in Pinky's reminded us of the Whistle Stop Cafe.

Maria Larson - Your generosity brightened the day for 8 strangers in a small Montana cafe. Not one person walked out the door without a smile on their face because of you!

Before we left, the owner/chef gave us a donation to give to a chef/cook along the way.

One simple gesture can cause an endless ripple of kind acts.