Montana has treated us incredibly well so far and today was no different. We packed up our sleeping bags this morning just outside of Bigfork, MT, in the Flathead National Forest. We headed north in search of a thrift store that sold hats. You’d be surprised how effective a hat can be in covering a greasy top. A few days in, we still haven’t figured out the hat equivalent for armpits -- even deodorant can’t do it all.

Our routine has been to drive under the influence of Rockstar energy drinks, but plans may have to change after Shane’s mustache mixed with two Rockstars to create a SuperShane who is unintelligible and moves like a Montana jackrabbit. After finding hats (Shane bought three), we stopped at a Conoco in Kallispell, MT, to replenish the Rockstar supply and buy some maps of Idaho and Washington.

There we met a hardworking young gal who helped us in the map department while she answered phones, helped customers, and maintained her positive attitude all the while. She was swamped with work but that never interrupted her personable and approachable manner. We decided we couldn’t overlook her hard work and walked back in with some of Shane’s initial seed money and a note telling her to “do something special for yourself or the people you love.” Initially, she was taken aback and said she couldn’t accept what we gave her, but after slight persuasion she seemed thrilled.

We continue to cross paths and interact with people we would normally rush by, and this project has already taught us that no person is to be overlooked.

We’re surrounded by hardworking people who don’t receive the appreciation they deserve… Don’t be afraid to show it to them.‪#‎ProjectWildness‬