The day before we had told Kian we didn’t like to plan too much ahead of time. We have enjoyed how naturally opportunities present themselves in front of us each day. A few days ago, Shane commented on how crazy it is that things just seem to pop up around us in the right place at the right time. In reality, we realized these things are constantly happening around us, but this trip has just taught us to open our eyes to others more. From that we’ve been able to jump on those opportunities instead of pushing them away like we had often done before.

As we sat in Dolores Park enjoying burritos and beer, we were approached by a young man named Evon. He explained that his Boys & Girls Club football team was raising money to compete in a youth football tournament. His team had placed second last year, first this year, and was hoping to repeat their first place finish this upcoming year. He told us anything would help them get to their fundraising goal of 400 dollars. 

Shane didn’t hesitate to let Evon know that we wanted to help them reach their goal. He pulled 100 dollars from his wallet and handed it over. Evon was stunned. That money took them past half of their goal!

This year, number 23 will be on the field competing for a championship repeat because of Project Wildness supporters.

To Jen and Peder Naatz… Your dedication to young people on the football field for so many years has touched hundreds of lives. Your continued success now extends to a team of young men in San Francisco competing for a repeat, something you’ve done so many times.

To Jesse Norman… Your contribution was substantial and without hesitation -- selfless beyond measure. Today you helped a team of young men work toward the same experience you were able to have on the field years ago. 

Give to a child that experience you most loved as a child.‪#‎ProjectWildness‬