Avery and Samantha were great hosts in Seattle. Yesterday, we headed to the Pike Place Market, a Seattle must-see. Flowers, fish, coffee, trinkets… You name it.

In the market area, we met a man named Mr. Unity. He was 75 years old from Vietnam and performed magic tricks in the street to raise money for his hometown in Vietnam -- magic with a message. In the end, he told us, “We are all one.” People called him Mr. Unity because of his message, but he told us no one understood how he said “unity,” so he started writing it on his hand. His message and motivation was as inspiring as he’d hoped and we showed his village a little support in the name of Project Wildness.

This morning we said goodbye to Avery and Samantha and started west to catch a ferry across the sound. Tonight we’ll camp in the Olympic National Forest. As we fueled up before leaving town, Nate noticed a man sitting alone with his head in his hands and some belongings in a small shopping cart. Hungry for tacos, Nate asked when the nearby taco truck would open up and was met by the friendly eyes of a man named Mike. Mike said it was closed on Sundays, but it was “some of the best.” Nate asked him how he was doing.

“Well, I’m alright.” Mike said. “Just trying to get by.”
“You need anything?” Nate asked.
“Well… I don’t know.” He put his head back down.
“Here, thanks for the help and do something special with this.”

Mike’s thanks were endless and his eyes opened up a little more. “Thank you, man. You take care.” he said.

Thank you, man. You take care. ‪#‎ProjectWildness‬