It’s official, folks! Project Wildness is back on the road for another summer filled with random acts of kindness, travel, and adventure!

Yesterday’s drive criss-crossed Interstate 29 multiple times until we finally conceded and took the fast lane. Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa… Iowa was our one new state, meaning 32 of the lower 48 remain. While one could find a certain charm in the flat, treeless, crop-covered country that are these heartland states, he might have to dig deep to find it. But what these states lack in scenery, they make up for in “modern rest areas” (But really, they’re called “modern rest areas”). They sure are nice, though. And modern.

Flat drives are like idle hands. And you know what that means… We downloaded Snapchat. If you’re interested in seeing the behind the scenes ridiculousness that is often Project Wildness, add us on Snapchat @ProjectWildness. For you older folks not up on all of the technology, just close your eyes and think really hard: Iowa, Cheetos, cattle, and Rockstar. That's it so far.

We quickly realized America’s midsection lacks national and state forests, making camping next to impossible for now. A cheap casino hotel in Iowa was our tent substitute for the evening. After 500 miles, it was a welcomed rest from the Subaru, and we continue to push ever onward into Omaha…