Last night my sister Alexa Ashmore and I had the pleasure of meeting up with my cousin Nathan Haugen and his friend as they have spent the better part of their summer traveling the western part of the country and passing along random acts of kindness to others, a journey they named Project Wildness.

Before the started their journey back home they made a pit stop in Denver for a random act of kindness event where they shared some of their stories over the past couple of months and what kind of impact it had on others. Now i had been following them this summer and was inspired watching them so was eager to jump on board when he called me last night for a last minute event downtown. 

After listening to them speak about their experiences they handed each group an envelope with money in it and asked each of us to go out and do good! 

As we were walking along the 16th street mall we came across a young women with a sign that "Please help". As thats what we were hoping to do with the money I asked of she was okay and if there was anything we could do for her. Naturally she was hesitant to open up but after a little walk and some food we learned that she came out to Denver in hopes of finding a job and to bring her two daughters out here for a new start. 

She had her ID and social security card stolen and had a hard time replacing so became stranded with no work or roof over her head. 
After walking, talking and learning more and more abkut her life it was clear to all of us that we were meant to help Sarah. 

Chris Brann, a guy we partnered up with stopped in his tracked, looked at her and said "what if I told you i could get you home tonight?" Instanly tears came rolling down her face. She looked at all of us and said i would do anything! 

After diliberation we decided Grey Hound would be the only way to get her home. Chris walked up and paid for a one way ticket back to New York while my sister and I purchased toiletries to help keep her clean. 

We called her parents and let them know we were sending her home. Watching her talk to her dad who was struggling to make ends meet and get his baby girl home as tears of joy ran down her face is something i will never forget. 

As we said our farewells she kept saying how she wants be go home and have the ability to do good and pass on the kindness. ‪#‎projectwildness‬