Our second trip is now underway!

Monday night we left Denver in search of even more wildness. Just before leaving we wrote up an ad in search of a videographer to follow this trip with hopes of turning the next month into a feature length documentary. As expected, Craigslist summoned the masses, and we received a great deal of emails, some promising and others laughable. A man named Keenan floated his way to the top with his vast travel and camera experience and an artistic side we knew would be a tremendous asset behind the lens. So to all of our followers, please meet Keenan, the newest member of Project Wildness!

“Hey everyone! My name is Keenan Hock. I grew up in Colorado, which is where my love for the outdoors and adventures began. The adventure mentality led me to places as close as Central America to as far as India. My travels have always been a key component and inspiration in my work, which brings me to what I do. I'm an artist, photographer, designer, inventor and traveler, and oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention I like to film things. I love to create pieces that directly respond to the surrounding environment, and I use everyday experiences as inspiration -- trying to step out of everyday routine to explore and capture instances that often go unnoticed. It’s these things that fuel my joy for life, always being inspired by the smallest to the largest of things. -Keenan ”

With that we would like to welcome Keenan to Project Wildness. As we move on with Trip 2 you will undoubtedly notice a vast improvement in the photos and videos we post. You can thank Keenan in advance for all of that!

We hope you will continue following this journey as we make our way west once again sharing with you stories of the people we meet. The three of us have no doubt this trip will be epic!